Our Mission – Quality Canvas Tents

Here’s what’s going on in our heads: better canvas, better features, better tents

Buying a high quality canvas tent is an investment, but the process and price can be a bit overwhelming. There are a ton of options (all of which usually cost extra), there are a variety of canvas treatments (which, again, cost extra), and then the basic entry price point is already pretty high, so you have to do it right the first time. It’s stressful! On top of all of this, even after you go through the hassle of getting the perfect canvas tent picked out, you still have to worry about taking proper care of the cotton to avoid rot and mildew!

We wanted something better – a better canvas, with more features, and a much simpler better process.  Our mission is to provide you the highest quality canvas tents at the best possible price so you can have a little bit less stress as you way your options. Want canvas with a higher break and tear strength than cotton canvas? Done! Want all of those extra features like 6 screened windows? Done! We put all of the most requested features into our basic model. This enables us to focus on getting more tents to you without getting bogged down by a ton of custom jobs. And this means that we can offer lower prices.

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and know you will love your new canvas tent, whether you use it as a camping tent, hunting tent, or outfitter tent.

When it comes to your wall tent, why pay more for less?

We do not have retailers which makes us able to provide you the best for less. We bring the tents to you directly, with no retail markup. We design our products ourselves with better materials, technologies, and manufacturers. This gives you better products at incredible prices.

Elk Mountain Tents is an Idaho company run by an outdoor enthusiast, just like you.