Outdoors Enthusiast Scholarship Winners

2019 Winner: Katelyn H.

Congratulations to Katelyn H. for being our 2019 scholarship winner!

Katelyn is a Criminology major minoring in Outdoor Recreation Leadership. She hopes to one day be able to work with the National Forest Service. She enjoys hiking around Moscow Mountain with her Great Dane named Echo, white water trips, backpacking in the Wallowa’s, and cross-country skiing with her recreation class. Katelyn believes that “environmental therapy is the cure for any workday blues” and enjoys “withdrawing from mass communication and being able to appreciate that clean, crisp mountain air.”

Katelyn works 30hrs a week to pay her way through school and takes a heavy course-load to maximize her tuition, all while maintaining a 3.94 GPA!

We hope the $500 allows her to take an extra weekend or two off from work so she can get outside!

The 2020 scholarship applications are open, so interested parties should go ahead and apply (or re-apply)!