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“Canvass” Tents, or is it “Canvas” Tents?

“Canvass Tents” is a misspelling! However, interestingly, “canvass” is a real word, so it often doesn’t register as a misspelling when researching tents. Canvass (the misspelling that has an extra s) is a verb meaning to examine or discuss thoroughly but can also mean  to conduct a survey. Check out The Grammarist for more details.

Why Hunters Like Elk Mountain Tents

Hunting is a primal sport that has assumed many roles to the human race. In the beginning, hunting was the only way our ancestors could get food, so it was vital that everyone learn to hunt in some fashion or another. However, even though in our day and age, since we have the conveniences of […]

The Best Tent for Winter Camping

Going camping in the winter is quite an adventure, anyone who has tried it will attest to that. Not only do you have to combat the bitter cold, but you’ll likely have to endure frigid and heavy snow, both of which can mean the death of a good camping trip. But you aren’t going to […]

Why Choose an Elk Mountain Tent

As any outdoorsman or woman will tell you, a camping trip is only as good as the shelter you sleep in. Even in situations where you’ve been soaked and chilled to the bone, there is nothing better than knowing you have a warm, dry, and comfortable bed to slip into after a long day of […]