Compare our Canvas Wall Tent Prices

We encourage everyone to shop around. Shopping around is how we convert potential buyers into Elk Mountain Tents fans 🙂 This is because the more you research your options – the companies and their materials, the more you will realize that our canvas tent prices simply cannot be beat.

Below is a basic price comparison to help you get started with your shopping experience. Prices indicated (updated June 2015) are for tent and angle kit.

  • Size
  • 12×14
  • 14×16
  • 13×20
  • Elk Mountain
  • $745 (13×13)
  • $845 (13×16)
  • $945 (13×20)
  • Magnum
  • $1,224
  • $1,324
  • $1,624
  • Cabela’s
  • $1,438
  • $1,685
  • $1,902
  • Reliable
  • $997
  • $1,188
  • $1,392
  • Kirkham
  • $1,025
  • $1,145
  • $1,295

How do we offer more canvas for less?

We can sell our canvas tents for less for three main reasons… 1) We don’t have retailers who take a cut of the profits. There is no retail mark-up on our tents. We pass those savings on to you! 2) We don’t maintain a storefront. What would have been expenses – rent, utilities, displays, repairs, etc. – is now the opportunity to lower our prices. 3) We’ve streamlined the process. Rather than bog down our end with a hundred custom orders, we’ve decided to just offer ALL of the most requested features in our most standard model. This more efficient, time-saving process means we can make more tents. So, rather than raising the tent price to make our profit, we’ve chosen instead to just take the approach of selling more of them.

But price isn’t the only factor in which we surpass the competition. Our unique polyester canvas is superior, boasting a significantly stronger break and tear strength over traditional cotton canvas.

We design our products with better materials, technologies, and manufacturers. This gives you better products at incredible prices.