Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can you fit your canvas tents?

It depends on how much gear you are bringing, whether you are using cots, and how much extra personal space you prefer. See our sleeping capacity page for a thorough response to this question.

Do your polyester wall tents feel like plastic?

No, they are nothing like plastic. The tents feel and look like a cotton-blend canvas, which is already very similar to regular cotton canvas. If you’d like a free sample of our canvas material to test for yourself, just shoot us a request through our contact form.

How does your canvas compare to traditional canvas in terms of strength?

Our unique tent material is an 11 oz canvas with a breaking strength of 449 lbs (warp direction) and 382 lbs (fill direction), making it significantly tougher than traditional canvas which has a breaking strength of 382 (warp) and 241 (fill) for 12 oz canvas and about 210 (warp) and 140 (fill) for 10 oz canvas. The tear strength is 67 lbs (warp) and 40 lbs (fill); this is roughly double that of the Sunforger canvas material used by other tent companies.

Do your wall tents collect condensation?

No, they are just as breathable as traditional canvas tents. Although it is possible for any tent to see condensation under the right conditions, we have not found this to be an issue with an Elk Mountain Tent. Yes, we have heard that condensation is an issue with other polyester tents, mainly the Alaknak. However, our polyester material is very different from the Alaknak. The difference is immediately noticeable. Alaknak tents look and feel almost like nylon, whereas ours look and feel more like cotton canvas. We have even used propane heaters in our tents in freezing conditions and not had condensation issues.

Can I order an Elk Mountain Tent with a sewn-in floor?

No, we do not offer a sewn in floor for the following reasons:

  • Sewn-in floors are generally to be avoided if you are using an internal frame. We understand that some people like a sewn-in floor because it can help keep out small critters like mice. However, it is quite challenging to set up a frame while you are inside the tent! It is much easier to be able to set up a frame and pull your canvas tent over it.
  • The material we use for our canvas tents is expensive! It just doesn’t make sense to be walking on it.

However, we do offer a tie-in floor made from a heavy duty poly material. This floor can be easily removed and cleaned and is made to fit your specific tent.

Do I need a rainfly?

No, a rainfly is not needed.

A rainfly is not needed with our canvas tents because the polyester canvas we use is already “waterproof.” I put the word in quotes because we prefer to call it “water resistant,” since very few products are ever truly “waterproof” or stay fully waterproof forever.

However, a rainfly can be used to help protect your tent from the elements and sparks. This is a cheap insurance for your investment and one we recommend. We do offer a rainfly that is designed to fit your tent and already has a hole for the stove pipe.

Regardless of the material, any wall tent can develop small leaks over time. With our canvas tents, these can be treated with many of the spray products on the market. You can even use Scotch Guard.

Why are Elk Mountain Tents so much cheaper than those of other companies?

Simply put, low overhead = low prices. We don’t have a storefront to maintain and we have very few employees. Furthermore, we don’t make each tent custom but rather manufacture in bulk, saving time and material. We have taken the approach of just adding all of the most requested features to each tent to avoid the slow production that comes with custom orders. This is why each model comes with 4 or 6 screened windows at such a low price. It is also the reason why we are able to ship our tents out faster than many other wall tent manufacturers. Our philosophy is to just sell more tents for less money.

We also don’t have any retailers which makes us able to provide you the best for less. We bring them to you directly, with no retail markup. We design our products ourselves with better materials, technologies, and manufacturing. This gives you better products at incredible prices.

How much do the canvas wall tents weigh?

At Elk Mountain Tents we use a unique polyester canvas that is much lighter than cotton. The weights for our polyester canvas tents are as follows:

  • The 13×13 weighs about 50lbs.
  • The 13×16 weighs about 60lbs.
  • The 13 x 20 is about 70lbs.
  • The Scout tent is 52lbs + 23lbs for the frame (included)

Do you sell used canvas tents?

We do not usually have any used canvas wall tents for sale. On rare occasions we may have one used canvas tent available. However, 95% of the time we do not have any. You are always welcome to email us and ask! That being said, our prices for new canvas tents are comparable to the used price you may find elsewhere.

Do you offer outfitters a discount?

We do offer discounts for large group orders, and your 2nd tent always ships free.  Give us a call and we’ll see what we can do for you  (541)-316-8367.

Do you build custom tents?

All of our tents come in the standard sizes with all of the options.  We can, however, do some custom work such as adding an additional stove jack with a gasket or adding a screen door to the back door.  Custom orders will add 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Can the porch be removed?

No, the porch is an extension of the roof and cannot be removed. However, it can be folded back but it will cover the stove jack unless rolled up.

Are the back doors screened?

No, only the front door is screened on the tents that come with a screen door.  You can, however, add a back screen door through a custom order

Do you have canvas tents for rent?

We understand that some may not be ready to make the investment in a canvas tent just yet. However, we unfortunately do not have any canvas tents for rent at this time.

How is Elk Mountain Tents involved in giving back?

We sponsor a number of local events and activities. We also offer an annual scholarship for college/trade school students. If you, or an organization that you know, are looking for a sponsor, shoot us an email!