Outdoor Resolutions for 2019

Courtesy of Alisa Anton via Unsplash

Now that Christmas is past, it’s time to think about goals for the new year. Make resolutions that will get you outdoors. Being more active is likely to help out with other resolutions, such as losing weight or socializing more.

For your convenience, we’ve split our suggestions up by daily, weekly, monthly, and semi-annual resolutions.

Resolve to absorb the sunshine on a daily basis.

Even as the winter months drag on, it’s important to get your daily dose of sunshine and the vitamin associated with it: Vitamin D. Recent research suggests that colon cancer and even

heart disease are linked to vitamin D deficiency, US News reported in July.

Lack of sun exposure in the winter is even linked to Seasonal Affective Disorder, which can cause sufferers to experience depressive symptoms.

To reach recommended levels of Vitamin D, combine a healthy diet along with daily sun exposure of about 10 minutes a day, making sure to protect skin against sun damage. The goal is not to get sunburned!

Get your hands dirty at least once a week.

Whether this means going fishing or planting in your garden, getting your hands dirty at least once a week ensures you’ll be getting chores done or having some outdoor fun. Plus, the flexible nature of this resolution means you can use it to convince yourself to get those Christmas lights down and other yard work when you need some motivation!

Explore new areas around you every week or so

A quick Google search is sure to pull up local parks, walking paths, and perhaps even hiking trails in or near your city. A resolution to visit a new outdoor area around your home once every few weeks is sure to help you be healthier and get more exercise, which might help you reach some other goals you have set for the new year.

Aim to use your canvas tent once a season

If you have an Elk Mountain canvas tent, you know just how versatile they can be. Resolve to use your tent at least once a season, whether taking a camping trip to view fall foliage or using it as a respite from the summer heat.

You could even plan a romantic camping trip with a loved one in February for Valentine’s Day with our guide.

A few times a year, resolve to try to visit a National Park

In the United States, we have 60 National Parks, including the very popular and famous Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Canyon National Park. You can find a full list of National Parks here.

This year, take up one new outdoor hobby

The best way to get outdoors more in 2019 is to take up a new hobby. Maybe this is the year you should give a water activity, like kayaking or stand-up paddle boarding, a try. Going to visit a snowy locale? How about trying out skiing or snowboarding? Or, it may be time to try something more thrilling, like ziplining or rock climbing.

The added health benefits are a plus for getting active, and you may even meet new people through this effort as you will have new opportunities to socialize.